Beyond Expectations, an Unforgettable Time!

We arrived at the resort for 3 days, and we couldn’t have picked a better location to keep at Holbox. This resort is right in front of a gorgeous beach, you can literally go down the staircase and walk into the shore. We’ll definitively return to Las Nubes de Holbox. We initially booked this resort for 2, but we chose to take our son; they didn’t charge us extra because of him.

One plus of the resort is that you don’t have TV and internet from the area which lets you disconnect and revel in your vacations. We haven’t seen our 7-year-old son like himself much like during those 3 days. Thanks so much!

The staff was amiable and service oriented. The resort has fantastic views, and the rooms are enormous. We remained junior perspiration with garden view, but in fact, it had a partial sea view (area 17). The home itself is nicely preserved, and the shore which sits alongside the resort is quite beautiful. Would highly recommend this resort if you’re looking for a boutique real Holbox experience.

It wasn’t our first time to Holbox, but it was our very first in Las Nubes and also our very first time together with our toddler boy! Las Nubes is fantastic, the last resort before an expanse of character and perched facing the kiteboarding shore. The team was phenomenal and hot. We loved coming back to Las Nubes serene vibe every day. The warm water and sand supplied a perfect place to camp outside for the afternoon and performed tasty cocktails and reliable support.

The upstairs bar was also a magic place to see the kiteboarders and capture the sunset. We’ll surely return!

I come here each year, mainly to kiteboard but also because it is laid back’ atmosphere and magnificent wildlife. I’ve stayed at several Holbox resorts, but have always wanted to remain here as it is right beside the kiting shore. This is the final report from the city (20min walk, 5 minutes golf cart/taxi).

And the resort? Just Examine the images.


Beautiful beach front bungalow

We picked for the bungalow and couldn’t have been happier. The room was quite spacious with a kitchenette which has been satisfactorily appointed, sitting room along with the mattress in addition to a futon for seats or additional sleeping place. The bathroom was quite large, and there’s a great quantity of room for unpacking.

I often favor a firm mattress this worked nicely. The bedding has been of superior quality and supplied for a comfortable night sleep. The shower was quite large and had adequate hot water and water pressure. The bathroom sink had reduced weight, but it wasn’t inconvenient. The air-conditioning unit worked well and provided for an extremely comfortable room.

This is such a beautiful spot to enjoy the new bread and fruit which has been supplied for breakfast.

The beachfront place cannot be beaten. You’re right on the shore, and it’s the very first thing you noticed in the morning searching outdoors. The stretch of beach is soft, white sand and you’re in a position to walk out from the water for so much it almost looks unreal. Having seen beaches throughout the world, I must say this was among the very beautiful I have had the privilege of spending some time on.

The walk into town is fast from the shore. The city has a laid back feel, and the citizens found welcoming and friendly.

There aren’t any motor vehicles around the island. This component is quite lovely nevertheless the golf carts are what are utilized. They’re beautiful to receive from the dock to the resort but believe it or not they appear to congest town streets, and the roads aren’t high. Frankly, I honestly didn’t take care of them. Additionally, there are the individuals who seen to believe down them the shore loudly is what to do. Don’t really care for this but that is actually the only negative I’ve.

This resort is in a quieter area that’s a quick walk to the city. The bungalow is what I’d suggest to any traveler if it’s in their budget.