Well, that was amazing… pastry was fresh from the oven… loved the skills…. Dinner was sausage and salad… quite refreshing! Thanks to our host Mani due to their attention to details… Definitely, enjoy coming here.

Would recommend for a daily snack. Excellent selection, food was a tasty regional cure. Other menu looked great but did not make it back. A lot of sailors, plus they had recommended us returning. However, we ended up someplace.

This area has a very long heritage in Cancún, it is the”visit” for sailors within the weekend end. Try out the “cafe lechero” coffee with milk that’s served at a long glass then poured with milk and also the freshly made bread, the cheese muffin along with the vanilla”conchas” really are excellent. On the weekend you need to try out the”carnitas” that’s pork match in tacos. The waiters are very helpful with tips and recommendations – one of them talked to me about dzul ha cozumel snorkeling really close to our hotel for practicing safe and fun snorkeling.

Should you ask any neighborhood, where to get a fantastic breakfast/lunch pretty sure that they will go with this choice, the service may be slow but okay; the food is actually great, the”lechero” its own java you have to possess with the “bolita de queso” entirely yummy! I am able to suggest the chilaquiles & enfrijoladas for breakfast, even if you’re here for lunch proceed together with all the”salpicon” that you will not have any regrets!

Best food I’ve had in Cancún thus far. Ordered their special Nader java is smooth and flavorful. We shared with the Vegetarian sandwich and a side salad, and that was so yummy. The lunch was full of delicious, sautéed veggies. The hot pastries are excellent, we discussed the chocolate stuffed, a cream-filled pastry too. Clean staff and establishment!

I arrived in Cancun only for the tree and that I discovered them somewhere on the internet and I’ve decided to move to because I got there was a warm, friendly and smiling support. They gave me the menu, serves my java and a couple seconds later a woman came to my desk to provide among their most delicious sweet bread only baked, was a flavorful start. Then, came the meals my ENFRIJOLADAS really tasty using a flavor unforgettably Delicious, the gratification was so very high then I am going there tomorrow before grabbing my airplane! Ohh and they’ve a menu therefore 10000% Mexican, for your breakfast, this restaurant is crucial!

Only after a beautiful breakfast using Moluteños style eggs that a right excellent Colombian Coffee out of Huila area among the hottest of many new coffee products from Colombia. Using a few pastries is the correct area for a Sunday breakfast that the city was packed with locals that the friendly service along with the fantastic quality of meals, for example, my favorite carrot and orange juice. Amazing place.